Friday, June 04, 2004

Happy Birthday, Frank J

Happy Birthday fearless leader.

We hope you allow yourself a brief respite from whipping hippies, terrorists, French, Canadians, French-Canadians, French looking waffly Americans, gun control wusses, Michael Mooore, Dudley Moore, Roger Moore, Mary Tyler Moore, Lefties, the UN and the of course the Limey.

You deserve it. Its your birthday. Kick back and let the guns cool for a moment. Let the blood dry on the katana. Let the smell of hippy dissipate from the nightstick. Let you boots rest from kicking the backside of the wayward nuckleheaded wingnuts that inhabit too much of this planet.

It time to commemorate, you were forged in steel on this day a quarter century ago. It was on this day those many years ago that the USS FRANK J set off to sea under its own power seeking to export truth, justice and an America-sized knock upside the head to whoever needs it. America became a little more America-y on this day.

Now that you've caught your breath and you are all cozy and comfy and basking in your self glory that is Frankness. Get back to work busting skulls, wanker!, the American way is't going to save itself, now, is it?

We stand at attention awaiting your orders.

Happy Birthday, Frank J

- your Ronin goon squad, henchmen, lackeys, whatever...