Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Fan Club Rewards

If you have signed up for the fan club already You are a charter member. As such you will be receiving an email from Frank J. himself soon. I sent the list to him earlier this morning.

If you didn't sign up, well. Ninjas might be on the way to your house.

Seriously, if you didn't sign up, go ahead and sign up anyway and maybe, maybe Frank J. will be merciful and send you one anyway.

If you do it soon, that is, no promises.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Frank J.'s Fan Club Sign Up Sheet

At Frank J.'s repeated urging I have Set up a Sign Up Sheet.

Link is also conveniently located on the sidebar ----> .

Sign up, Be A today!

Update:Frank J. links in and is promising a ride on his yacht to charter members after we propel him to the throne of power.

Update 2: The number of signer's up is now a non-zero positive integer. Alright! Let's keep the number in the positive integers. Frank don't need no half fans.

Update 3: The count is in double digits. Sure have a lot of people linking in and NOT signing up though. Frank J. doesn't like it when you don't sign up. And you definitely do not want to make Frank J. angry.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Fan Poll

Which type of posts of Frank J.'s do you like best and why. Here are the categories.

You can link straight in to review 'em just in case you haven't read some of them before.

Plus it'll give Frank J. more traffic and pageviews!

Have fun in the comments!

Update: sarahk asks 'do i have to pick just 1'? Nah pick three and rank them.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

One More Frank J Fan Blog and One less Frank J Fan Blog

A new Frank J fan site is up here. Added it to the roll.

Plus or maybe I should say minus Amphytrion took hers down.

Oh and Frank J dropped by the blog to say 'hi' see below.

A Post from Frank J.

It is I, Frank J., and I am posting. Admire me in the comments section.

-Frank J.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Added New Link to Classic IMAO

Added link to sidebar for the old IMAO from when it was hosted on blogspot.

Lots of the links don't work anymore because, I guess Frank J. no longer has the web space he was using then.
Here's the link:


Frank J. Matrix Pic

Frank J. He looks sort of peeved at something. Probably a rogue ninja, terrorist, Limey or Liberal.

But most likely he's taking shots at that Jonah guy.

Dues and Benefits Of The FJFC.

The question's been asked about dues and benefits.

Well.....what do you want?

A newsletter?

A Tshirt? Possibly a remake of the Nuke the Moon Shirt?

How about an IMAfanOfrank j. Hat?

Lunch with Frank?

His home Telephone Number?

His daily schedule so you can stalk him? Hmmm, ok maybe that one's a bad idea. But Frank might like being stalked so he can go medieval on you.

Then we'll see about what it would cost.

A few changes

Added sidebar on right.

Added a Link to our favorite blog. Which in retrospect is sorta silly since folks are more likely to be comng here from there instead of the other way around. But there yo ugo anyway.

Changed the layout too. I tried to emulate the IMAO layout.

Also added link on the sidebar to my other blog. The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles.

Thank's Frank J. I sorta borrowed your cascading style sheet a little. I hope you don't mind.

Added Random Frank J. Quotes!

I was trying to spice this joint up a bit.

What better to add than Random Frank J. Quotes?

Another Frank J fan blog

Amphitryon has made a Frank J fan blog too. But the one you are looking at was first. First I tell you. First to be claimed on the IMAO comments list anyway. And that's what reaaally matters in my book.

Wow, Frank J. sure is popular.

He wants that Jonah guys job. We should help. Anybody have any ideas about how we can help him?

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Welcome To The Frank J. Fan Club

As commanded by Frank J.,
So, one of you reading this, start a fan site for me.


This Fan Blog is created thusly.